Harvey Smith aren’t like other “proactive” accountants. We believe in looking at things differently and try to see things from your point of view, after all we are a small business too, facing the same issues; compliance with this rule or that rule; trying to make some sense of the bureaucracy forced upon us and at the same time trying to build a profitable business.

We believe in challenging the status quo; things can always be better.
In business you need an accountant who not only can process the numbers but one that can help you to understand what it all means; break it down into bite sized chunks and analyse the effect of one small change on your business.
As accountants, we are privileged to see, in detail, many types of business and how they work; look at what they do and, where it fits, apply, share and adapt to other businesses.
We learn from our clients and now have amassed systems and procedures, which can help your business be what you want it to be.
So where do you want it to be?

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Alan and his team are relaxed and friendly – making the numbers world less scary!”